Effects of interface properties on horizontal backfill deformation around wall

Jing Wen Chen, Nien Hua Liu, Jiun Yaw Liou

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ABAQUS software, a Finite Element Method (FEM), is employed to study the behavior of deformation profiles of a horizontal backfill behind a vertical RC retaining wall. Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion is taken as yielding function and the associated flow rules are used in this study. The band zone of the maximum plastic strain contours is presented clearly in this research. From the quantification of the deformed profile in the backfill, wall friction angle plays an important role for passive lateral earth pressure rather than active lateral earth pressure. The potential failure sites on backfill surface, in active state, obtained by this study are 22.7% to 25.8% nearer to wall than that by traditional Coulomb's theory. On the contrary, they are 62.2% to 91.7% farther to wall in passive state. The potential failure site obtained by numerical analysis is closer to that obtained by Coulomb's theory as the wall is rougher both in active state and in passive state.

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期刊Journal of GeoEngineering
出版狀態Published - 2007 4月

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