Effects of magnetohydrodynamics on the vortex instability of natural convection flow over a horizontal plate in a saturated porous medium

Jiin-Yuh Jang, Chung Ting Hsu

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A numerical analysis is performed to study the vortex instability of a horizontal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) natural convection boundary layer flow in a saturated porous medium with surface mass flux. In the base flow, similarity solutions are obtained for the case of constant heat flux boundary condition. The stability analysis is based on the linear stability theory. The resulting eigenvalue problem is solved by the local similarity method. The velocity and temperature profiles, local Nusselt number, as well as instability parameters for magnetic parameter M ranging from 0 to 4 are presented. It is found that as magnetic parameter M increases, the heat transfer rate and tangential velocity decrease. Furthermore, it is shown that as the magnetic parameter M increases, the neutral stability curves shift to lower Rayleigh number and lower wave number, indicating a destabilization of the flow to vortex instability. It is also shown that suction stabilizes the flow, while blowing destabilizes the flow.


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