Effects of nano scale Y2O3 additions on Sm-Ba-Cu-O materials

Shih Yun Chen, In Gann Chen, Maw Kuen Wu

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To enhance the critical current density (Jc) of Sm-Ba-Cu-O (SmBCO) superconductors, a small number of Y2O3 particles of nano scale (nmY2O3) were used. The Jc-H (the applied magnetic field) results show that the increase in Jc using nmY2O3 occurs mainly in high fields. In addition, by increasing the number of nmY2O3 particles, the flux pinning force-reduced magnetic field (Fp-h) curves shift to the right. The above results indicate the formation of δTc pinning centers. The microstructure results show that Y2O3 particles react with the 211 (Sm2BaCuO5), 123 (Sm 1Ba2Cu3O7) and liquid phases at high temperatures. Both the high solubility of Sm in the liquid and the inter-diffusion of Sm and Y at high temperatures result in compositional fluctuations [(Sm,Y)-Ba-Cu-O]. It is considered that these compositional fluctuations contribute to δTc pinning. Finally, to determine the effect of compositional fluctuation caused by a different method, these results were also compared with those of the nano sized Y211 (nmY211)-doped samples.

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期刊Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers
出版狀態Published - 2006 十一月 15

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