Effects of static heat and dynamic current on Al/Zn·Cu/Sn Solder/Ag interfaces of Sn photovoltaic Al-ribbon modules

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This present study applied Cu·Zn/Al ribbon in place of a traditional Cu ribbon to a photovoltaic (PV) ribbon. A hot-dipped and an electroplated Sn PV ribbon reflowed onto an Ag electrode on a Si solar cell and estimated the feasibility of the tested module (Ag/Solder/Cu·Zn/Al). After bias-aging, a bias-induced thermal diffusion and an electromigration promoted the growth of intermetallic compounds (IMCs) (Cu6Sn5, Ag3Sn). To simulate a photo-generated current in the series connection of solar cells, an electron with Ag-direction (electron flows from Ag to Al) and Al-direction (electron flows from Al to Ag) was passed through the Al/Zn·Cu/Solder/Ag structure to clarify the growth mechanism of IMCs. An increase in resistance of the Ag-direction-biased module was higher than that of the Al-direction biased one due to the intense growth of Cu6Sn5 and Ag3Sn IMCs. The coated solder of the electroplated PV ribbon was less than that of the hot-dipped one, and thus decreased the growth reaction of IMCs and the cost of PV ribbon.

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