Efficient 2D analysis of interfacial thermoelastic stresses in multiply bonded anisotropic composites with thin adhesives

Yui Chuin Shiah, Sheng Chi Huang, M. R. Hematiyan

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In engineering practice, analysis of interfacial thermal stresses in composites is a crucial task for assuring structural integrity when sever environmental temperature changes under operations. In this article, the directly transformed boundary integrals presented previously for treating generally anisotropic thermoelasticity in two-dimension are fully regularized by a semi-analytical approach for modeling thin multi-layers of anisotropic/isotropic composites, subjected to general thermal loads with boundary conditions prescribed. In this process, an additional difficulty, not reported in the literature, arises due to rapid fluctuation of an integrand in the directly transformed boundary integral equation. In conventional analysis, thin adhesives are usually neglected due to modeling difficulties. A major concern arises regarding the modeling error caused by such negligence of the thin adhesives. For investigating the effect of the thin adhesives considered, the regularized integral equation is applied for analyzing interfacial stresses in multiply bonded composites when thin adhesives are considered. Since all integrals are completely regularized, very accurate integration values can be still obtained no matter how the source point is close to the integration element. Comparisons are made for some examples when the thin adhesives are considered or neglected. Truly, this regularization task has laid sound fundamentals for the boundary element method to efficiently analyze the interfacial thermal stresses in 2D thin multiply bonded anisotropic composites.

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期刊Computers, Materials and Continua
出版狀態Published - 2020 六月

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