Electric modulation effect on magneto-optical spectrum of monolayer graphene

Y. C. Ou, Y. H. Chiu, J. M. Lu, W. P. Su, M. F. Lin

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The generalized tight-binding model is developed to largely reduce the numerical computation time in calculating optical properties. Modulated electric potentials can control the low-frequency magneto-optical absorption spectra of monolayer graphene. They induce the oscillatory energy dispersions of Landau subbands and the spatial symmetry breaking of the wave function; therefore, the original peaks and extra peaks of different selection rules come into existence simultaneously. Such peaks mainly arise from the band-edge states and/or the middle states. Their number, intensities, frequencies and structures are dominated by the modulation strength and period. More absorption peaks appear with an increase in potential. The extra peaks can relatively easily be observed for higher frequencies and stronger potentials. However, the absorption spectra remain unchanged for a fixed ratio of strength over period.

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期刊Computer Physics Communications
出版狀態Published - 2013 八月

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