Electrical conductivity of tetrathiafulvalenium-tetracyanoquinodimethanide (TTF-TCNQ)

G. A. Thomas, D. E. Schafer, F. Wudl, P. M. Horn, D. Rimai, J. W. Cook, D. A. Glocker, M. J. Skove, C. W. Chu, R. P. Groff, J. L. Gillson, R. C. Wheland, L. R. Melby, M. B. Salamon, R. A. Craven, G. De Pasquali, A. N. Bloch, D. O. Cowan, V. V. Walatka, R. E. PyleR. Gemmer, T. O. Poehler, G. R. Johnson, M. G. Miles, J. D. Wilson, J. P. Ferraris, T. F. Finnegan, R. J. Warmack, V. F. Raaen, D. Jerome

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New measurements of electrical conductivity along the b axis of tetrathiafulvalenium-tetracyanoquinodimethanide (TTF-TCNQ) are combined with published results to provide a comprehensive summary including approximately 600 samples studied at 18 different laboratories. The magnitudes of these measured conductivities do not necessitate the assumption of superconducting fluctuations or any other collective state in which the conductivity exceeds the limitations of single-particle scattering. Since an adequate theory of the limitations of single-particle scattering for TTF-TCNQ does not exist at present, experiment alone does not rule out the possibility that collective effects may somewhat enhance or suppress the conductivity.

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期刊Physical Review B
出版狀態Published - 1976

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