Electrical impedance imaging system

Kuo-Sheng Cheng, Yi Yu Lu, Ji Jer Huang, Bae Horng Chen

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This paper presents the hardware and software designs for the electrical impedance imaging (EII) system using the digital approach. The overall system contains a digital multi-frequency oscillator; 32 independent current generators, a digital voltmeter; a switching box and a phantom for testing. In the digital oscillator, a single-chip microcomputer (DS80C320) is used as the control kernel. The frequencies for the carrier may be selected at about 15 kHz, 30 kHz, 80 kHz, and a combination of 10 kHz and 80 kHz. In the digital voltmeter, a digital signal processor (ADSP2101) is used for digitally demodulating the voltages. In addition, this DSP is also employed for controlling the data communication between the host personal computer and the EII system. The current for each channel has 12 bit resolution and ±5 mA(rms) in amplitude. Both the resistive and reactive components may be measured in this system.

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期刊Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications
出版狀態Published - 1996 一月 1

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