Electrochemical characteristics of 0.3Li2MnO3–0.7LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 composite cathode in pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid electrolytes

P. P. Dahiya, Jagabandhu Patra, Jeng Kuei Chang, Kirtan Sahoo, S. B. Majumder, S. Basu

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In this work, we have compared the electrochemical characteristics of auto combustion synthesized 0.3Li2MnO3–0.7LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 composite cathode using conventional organic electrolyte and Li+/PMP-TFSI (N-propyl-N-methyl pyrrolidinium-bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl) imide) ionic liquid (IL) at 25 °C and 60 °C. At 60 °C, IL electrolyte yields superior specific discharge capacity, cycleability, rate performance and voltage fading characteristics of the composite cathode. We have argued that the superiority of IL electrolyte is related to its relatively higher decomposition temperature. The effect of ILs on the cycle induced layered to nickel free spinel phase transformation in the composite cathode is also investigated by post cycling XRD.

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期刊Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
出版狀態Published - 2019 二月

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