Electrocrystallization of Pb02 Deposits in the Presence of Additives

Ten Chin Wen, Ming Gwo Wei

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The electrocrystallization of PbO2deposited on a Ti plate from a nitrate solution is strongly affected by the presence of additives in the solution, examples being sodium dodecylsulfonate, Triton-X100, Tween-80, dextrin, and gelatin. Results of SEM investigations show that these additives tend to diminish the crystalline morphology of the deposit. The XRD results further indicate that it is possible to codeposit a- and p-PbO2by introducing the surfactant-type additives sodium dodecylsulfonate, Triton-X100, and Tween-80. Stirring provided during electrodeposition tends to diminish the influence of sodium dodecysulfonate, but not that of Triton-X100 and Tween 80. The nonsurfactant-type additives, dextrin and gelatin, do not cause the codeposition of a-Pb02to any significant degree. copyright.

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期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態Published - 1990 九月

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