Electrodeposition of PtZn in a Lewis acidic ZnCl2-1-ethyl-3- methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid

Jing Fang Huang, I. Wen Sun

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The electrodeposition of PtZn from a Lewis acidic 40-60mol% zinc chloride-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic liquid containing PtCl 2 was investigated at polycrystalline tungsten substrates at 90°C. Cyclic voltammetric data indicates that Pt(II) was reduced at a potential slightly more positive than Zn(II) was. The Pt-Zn electrodeposits exhibited multiple anodic stripping waves. The Zn-dominant deposits were stripped at a potential less positive than that of the Pt-dominant deposits. Energy-dispersive spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy data indicated that the composition and morphology of the electrodeposited Pt-Zn alloys were affected by the deposition potential and the Pt(II) concentration in the plating solution. The electrodeposition of Zn at a Pt substrate also produced surface Pt-Zn alloys. The Pt of the electrochemically prepared Pt-Zn alloys was easier to oxidize than the bulk Pt substrate.

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期刊Electrochimica Acta
出版狀態Published - 2004 八月 15

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