Electron temperature and density probe for small aeronomy satellites

K. I. Oyama, Y. W. Hsu, G. S. Jiang, W. H. Chen, C. Z. Cheng, H. K. Fang, W. T. Liu

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A compact and low power consumption instrument for measuring the electron density and temperature in the ionosphere has been developed by modifying the previously developed Electron Temperature Probe (ETP). A circuit block which controls frequency of the sinusoidal signal is added to the ETP so that the instrument can measure both Te in low frequency mode and Ne in high frequency mode from the floating potential shift of the electrode. The floating potential shift shows a minimum at the upper hybrid resonance frequency (fUHR). The instrument which is named "TeNeP" can be used for tiny satellites which do not have enough conductive surface area for conventional DC Langmuir probe measurements. The instrument also eliminates the serious problems associated with the contamination of satellite surface as well as the sensor electrode.

期刊Review of Scientific Instruments
出版狀態Published - 2015 八月 1

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