Electron temperature structure around mid latitude ionospheric trough

Shigeto Watanabe, Koh Ichiro Oyama, Takumi Abe

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Both anisotropy of electron temperature and non-Maxwellian distribution of electron energy were found in the region of topside mid latitude ionospheric trough by means of the electron temperature probe (TEL) on board the Ohzora satellite. The electron temperature increased frequently with double peak signatures whose distance had a few degrees of magnetic latitude and the increased electron temperature appeared in the magnetically disturbed periods. The measurement of electron temperature also carried out during satellite spinning shows that the electron temperature is dependent on the direction of the magnetic field. The non-Maxwellian feature was also observed in the same region. These observational results suggest that the ionospheric electron in the region of the topside ionospheric mid latitude trough is heated by heat conduction from the plasmasphere.

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期刊Planetary and Space Science
出版狀態Published - 1989 十一月

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