Electronic spectroscopy of Ag2-Xe

D. L. Robbins, K. F. Willey, C. S. Yeh, M. A. Duncan

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A vibrationally resolved electronic spectrum is reported for the metal dimer-rare gas complex Ag2-Xe. The spectrum is obtained using resonant two-photon photoionization in the energy region near the Ag2 B ← X electronic transition (292-280 nm). The complex exhibits extensive activity in three vibrational modes, making it possible to determine vibrational constants, anharmonicities, and cross-mode couplings. An unusual cancellation of factors results in the Ag2-Xe complex having nearly the same rare gas stretching frequency (ωe′ = 79.9 cm-1) as the corresponding krypton (ωe′ = 72.6 cm-1) and Ar complexes (ωe′ = 73.9 cm-1) which have been studied previously. Progressions extending over a significant range of the excited-state potential surface make it possible to derive the excited-state dissociation energy (D0′ = 2761 cm-1). Combination with the red-shifted electronic state origin yields the corresponding ground-state dissociation energy (D0″ = 1233 cm-1). These binding energies, when compared to those for similar argon and krypton complexes with Ag2, are greater than would be expected on the basis of the rare gas polarizability trend.

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期刊Journal of Physical Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 1992

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