Electronic States of Toroidal Carbon Nanotubes

Min-Fa Lin, Der San Chuu

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Toroidal carbon nanotubes (TCN's) are threaded by magnetic flux (φ). The magneto-electronic structures are studied within the tight-binding model. The curvature effect, which is due to the misorientation of the π-electron orbitals, might play an important role ou the low energy electronic states. The thin TCN's, with armchair-zigzag and zigzag-armchair structures, exhibit four (three) types of energy gaps in the presence (absence) of the curvature effect. The magnetoelectronic structures clearly vary with φ except the thin zigzag-armchair TCN's. They could exhibit the periodical Aharonov-Bohm oscillations, since the Zeeman splitting is generally negligible except at large φ's.

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期刊Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
出版狀態Published - 1998 一月 1

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