Embedded immunodetection system for fecal occult blood

Kai Wen Lin, Yu Chi Chang

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In this paper, a rapid test system with high sensitivity, linearity, and stability is presented for fecal occult blood (FOB) detection. The coloration results of the immune response are used as the basis for the determination of the detection target in combination with an immunochromatographic strip. The rapid test system can be used to detect and calculate the concentration of the sample, so detection of the immune coloration response is more accurate in a quantitative analysis. The system is composed of both hardware and software. The programs used for the analysis and programmed by Python include the main program, polarization calibration, QR Code decoding, Bluetooth transmission, and image processing. After verification of each part of the system, it was found that the rapid test system successfully detects from 0 ng/mL to 400 ng/mL of FOB with coefficients of variation (CV) below 3.7% and 1000 ng/mL with a CV only at 7.41%.

出版狀態Published - 2021

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