Emerging platforms using liquid biopsy to detect EGFR mutations in lung cancer

Chien Chung Lin, Wei Lun Huang, Fang Wei, Wu Chou Su, David T. Wong

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Advances in target therapies for lung cancer have enabled detection of gene mutations, specifically those of EGFR. Assays largely depend on the acquisition of tumor tissue biopsy, which is invasive and may not reflect the genomic profile of the tumor at treatment due to tumor heterogeneity or changes that occur during treatment through acquired resistance. Liquid biopsy, a blood test that detects evidence of cancer cells or tumor DNA, has generated considerable interest for its ability to detect EGFR mutations. However, its clinical application is limited by complicated collection methods and the need for technique-dependent platforms. Recently, simpler techniques for EGFR mutant detection in urine or saliva samples have been developed. This review focuses on advances in liquid biopsy and discusses its potential for clinical implementation in lung cancer.

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期刊Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics
出版狀態Published - 2015 11月 2

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