Emissions of polybrominated diphenyl ethers during the thermal treatment for electric arc furnace fly Ash

Yi Ming Lin, Shao Qi Zhou, Shun I. Shih, Sheng Lun Lin, Lin Chi Wang, Guo Ping Chang-Chien

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This study investigated the fate of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in a thermal treatment system that was employed to recover the metals from the electric arc furnace (EAF) fly ash. After 1450°C thermal treatment, the content of PBDEs in the EAF fly ash (50128 ng/kg) was greatly reduced by 98.9%, based on the solid destruction efficiency (SDE). The sums of five PBDE contents in ingot and slag were 86.0 and 32.3 ng/kg, respectively, revealing that the residual PBDE content in slag was much lower than those in woodland (180 and 710 ng/kg) and grassland (440 ng/kg) soils (Harrad and Hunter, 2006). With this PBDE level, the slag can be either safely disposed of in landfills or utilized as construction material. After the 1450°C thermal treatment and 1200°C secondary combustion, 95.8% of the PBDEs were destroyed or removed without air pollution control devices (APCDs). The PBDE concentrations in cooling unit and filter (APCDs) were 8810 and 327 pg/Nm 3, respectively, while that in the PUF cartridges (final emission) was 13009 pg/Nm 3. However, the PBDE concentration of the untreated flue gas was 22.1 ng/Nm 3, which is still higher than that measured in the exhausts from various stationary sources (15.7-46.7 ng/Nm3) (Wang et al., 2010a, c). Fortunately, the concentration of PBDEs can be effectively reduced to a much lower level (13.0 ng/Nm 3) in the flue gas. In addition, after the Pearson correlation analyses, the logarithm contents of PBDEs and PCDD/Fs showed a statistically high correlation (r = 0.930-1.000). Consequently, thermal treatment with APCDs can effectively reduce the PBDEs in EAF fly ash, while the heavy metals can also be recovered.

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期刊Aerosol and Air Quality Research
出版狀態Published - 2012 4月

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