End of performance prediction of lithium-ion batteries

Yi Fu Wang, Sheng Tsaing Tseng, Bo Henry Lindqvist, Kwok Leung Tsui

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Rechargeable batteries are critical components for the performance of portable electronics and electric vehicles. The long-term health performance of rechargeable batteries is characterized by state of health, which can be quantified by end of performance (EOP) and remaining useful performance. Focusing on EOP prediction, this article first proposes an accelerated testing version of the trend-renewal process model to address this decision problem. The proposed model is also applied to a real case study. Finally, a NASA dataset is used to address the prediction performance of the proposed model. Comparing with the existing prediction methods and time series models, our proposed procedure has better performance in the EOP prediction.

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期刊Journal of Quality Technology
出版狀態Published - 2019

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