Enhanced boiling heat transfer by surfactant additives

Wuu Tsann Wu, Yu Min Yang

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Small amount of surfactants in aqueous solution have been known to enhance the rate of nucleate boiling heat transfer of water significantly. However, the mechanism of this enhancement is still not clear. In this work, boiling incipience and vapor bubble growth dynamics of aqueous surfactant solutions of sodium lauryl sulfate at identified sites were studied in a pool boiling apparatus with tubular heater by determining the incipient superheat and by high speed photography. Fundamental information about the effects of surfactant additive on incipient superheat, bubble period, waiting period, growth period, and bubble departure size were obtained. Among these, incipient superheat and bubble waiting period are explained with good success by taking into consideration of surface tension depression and contact angle variation in Hsu's (1962) theory.

主出版物標題Proc Eng Found Conf Pool External Flow Boiling
發行者Publ by ASME
出版狀態Published - 1992
事件Proceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conference on Pool and External Flow Boiling - Santa Barbara, CA, USA
持續時間: 1992 3月 221992 3月 27


OtherProceedings of the Engineering Foundation Conference on Pool and External Flow Boiling
城市Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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