Enhancement in cyclic stability of the CO2 adsorption capacity of CaO-based sorbents by hydration for the calcium looping cycle

Chien Cheng Li, Jui Yen Cheng, Wan Hsia Liu, Chin Ming Huang, Heng Wen Hsu, Hong Ping Lin

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In this paper, the reactivation of limestone was effectively enhanced and recovered by steam and/or liquid water hydration processes. The decay rate of the activity in carbonation conversion was improved by the steam hydration of the sorbents during decarbonation/carbonation reactions. The carbonation conversion activity of limestone with a particle size of 1.5. μm remains at 65% with hydration under 2.9. mol% steam after 20 decarbonation/carbonation cycles, while the un-hydrated sorbent shows a lower carbonation conversion of 34%. The activity preservation in the carbonation conversions of three representative particle size ranges of 1.5, 37-74, and 250-500. μm are 30, 14, and 6% after 20 cycles, respectively, with a hydration treatment of 2.9. mol% steam. Pore formation and roughness on the sorbents induced by steam hydration contributed significantly to the enhanced carbonation conversion during the decarbonation/carbonation cycles. The sorbent, with a particle size of approximately 1.5. μm, exhibited higher regeneration and recovery of carbonation conversion. Combined with the liquid water hydration, the carbonation conversion activity of the limestone can recover 80-90% of the original.

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期刊Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
出版狀態Published - 2014 一月

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