Enhancement of corrosion resistance of titanium-copper based metallic glass by methylsiloxane coating

Yasuto Hoshikawa, Eiichi Yasuda, Takashi Akatsu, Tom Onoda, Naota Sugiyama, Nobuhiro Matsushita, Takamasa Onoki, Masaru Akao, Yasuhiro Tanabe, Masahiro Yoshimura, Shengli Zhu, Xinmin Wang, Akihisa Inoue

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Bulk metallic glass composed of Ti40Zr10Cu 36Pd14 (Ti-Cu BMG) has superior mechanical properties compared to titanium metal, which makes it promising for new orthopedic implant applications. We studied improvement of the surface properties of Ti-Cu BMG, focusing on enhancing corrosion resistance and adding bioactivity with a methylsiloxane (MS) coating. The MS was prepared by hydrolysis polymerization of methyltriethoxysilane, and was coated onto Ti-Cu BMG by dipping and drying at 80 °C. The ability of the MS coating to reduce Cu ion elution from the Ti-Cu BMG was investigated by autoclaving coated disks at 121 °C for one hour in a hydrochloric acid solution controlled at pH 0.4 to 4. Cu ion elution from MS-coated Ti-Cu BMG was very low (less than 1000 ppb); this value was less than half that from uncoated Ti-Cu BMG. The MS coating retained sufficient adhesion to the Ti-Cu BMG even after the autoclave tests. The mechanism of Cu ion elution through the MS coating film appeared to be via steady-state diffusion, and the degree of reduction in ion elution was dependent on the coating thickness. Bioactivity was added by coating the Ti-Cu BMG with a calcium-containing methylsiloxane (MS-Ca) layer. The coating formed a double-layered structure of bone-like apatite after soaking in a simulated body fluid for 3 days. A series of tests indicated that MS-Ca and MS coatings were useful for improving corrosion resistance and for adding bioactivity. MS coated Ti-Cu BMG is therefore a promising material for biomedical applications.

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期刊Materials Transactions
出版狀態Published - 2009 六月

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