Entanglement dynamics of detectors in an Einstein cylinder

Shih Yuin Lin, Chung Hsien Chou, B. L. Hu

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We investigate how nontrivial topology affects the entanglement dynamics between a detector and a quantum field and between two detectors mediated by a quantum field. Nontrivial topology refers to both that of the base space and that of the bundle. Using a derivative-coupling Unruh-DeWitt-like detector model interacting with a quantum scalar field in an Einstein cylinder S1 (space) × R1 (time), we see the beating behaviors in the dynamics of the detector-field entanglement and the detector-detector entanglement, which distinguish from the results in the non-compact (1+1) dimensional Minkowski space. The beat patterns of entanglement dynamics in a normal and a twisted field with the same parameter values are different because of the difference in the spectrum of the field modes. In terms of the kinetic momentum of the detectors, we find that the contribution by the zero mode in a normal field to entanglement dynamics has no qualitative difference from those by the nonzero modes.

期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態Published - 2016 三月 1

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  • 核能與高能物理


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