Enzymatic Characterization of a Novel HSL Family IV Esterase EstD04 from Pseudomonas sp. D01 in Mealworm Gut Microbiota

Jung En Kuan, Chih Hsuan Tsai, Chun Chi Chou, Cindy Wu, Whei Fen Wu

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Pseudomonas sp. D01, capable of growing in tributyrin medium, was isolated from the gut microbiota of yellow mealworm. By using in silico analyses, we discovered a hypothesized esterase encoding gene in the D01 bacterium, and its encoded protein, EstD04, was classified as a bacterial hormone-sensitive lipase (bHSL) of the type IV lipase family. The study revealed that the recombinant EstD04-His(6x) protein exhibited esterase activity and broad substrate specificity, as it was capable of hydrolyzing p-nitrophenyl derivatives with different acyl chain lengths. By using the most favorable substrate p-nitrophenyl butyrate (C4), we defined the optimal temperature and pH value for EstD04 esterase activity as 40 °C and pH 8, respectively, with a catalytic efficiency (kcat/Km) of 6.17 × 103 mM−1 s−1 at 40 °C. EstD04 demonstrated high stability between pH 8 and 10, and thus, it might be capably used as an alkaline esterase in industrial applications. The addition of Mg2+ and NH4+, as well as DMSO, could stimulate EstD04 enzyme activity. Based on bioinformatic motif analyses and tertiary structural simulation, we determined EstD04 to be a typical bHSL protein with highly conserved motifs, including a triad catalytic center (Ser160, Glu253, and His283), two cap regions, hinge sites, and an oxyanion hole, which are important for the type IV enzyme activity. Moreover, the sequence analysis suggested that the two unique discrete cap regions of EstD04 may contribute to its alkali mesophilic nature, allowing EstD04 to exhibit extremely distinct physiological properties from its evolutionarily closest esterase.

出版狀態Published - 2023 7月

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