Establishment and application of PCR-SSCP profile for molecular typing of Cordyceps fungi

Hsiao Che Kuo, Yong Lin Su, Huey Lang Yang, Tzong-Yueh Chen

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A method for distinguishing isolates of the fungi belonging to genus Cordyceps, used as food/medicine in Eastern Asia, was developed. A PCR-single stranded conformation polymorphism-based profile was applied and established on the ITS2 region of rDNA for molecular typing in 48 different isolates of Cordyceps species. Compared with the DNA sequencing data and secondary structure prediction of single strand DNA, the method used was sensitive and could distinguish between two closely related species in the genus Cordyceps. This method could be very useful for confirming the identity of a specific strain of Cordyceps for researchers and food companies that produce the fermented Cordyceps products as a quality control method.

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期刊Food Biotechnology
出版狀態Published - 2008 十月 1


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