Evaluation of Adsorbents for Volatile Organic Chemicals

P. C. Chiang, J. H. You, T. F. Lin, P. Chang

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Typical adsorbents, i.e., activated carbon and activated coal fiber, were selected as the representative adsorbents in comparison with view point of adsorption capacity and desorption efficiency. Nine organic solvents (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Methy-Ethyl -Ketone, 1-1-2 Trichloroethylene, n-Hexane, Ethyl Acetate, n-Butyl Alcohol, n-Pentane) were introduced to perform the adsorption isotherm tests. From the experiment results, the trend of adsorption capacities of toluene and n-hexane on various adsorbents at lower concentration level was strictly dependent upon the pore volumes and pore size distributions of carbonaceous adsorbents. The potence for the VOCs adsorbate on three commercial available adsorbents, DEG, FR-10 and AC-C are chosen to proceed the VOCs adsorption isotherm tests. The trend of adsorption potences for the VOCs on the AC-C carbon follows: [formula omitted] and that on the FR-10 coal fiber and DEG carbon follows: [formula omitted] Concerning the steam desorption efficiency, the FR-10 adsorbent posseses the highest VOCs recovery (76% to 100%) for toluene and n-hexane.

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期刊Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis
出版狀態Published - 1993 1月 1

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