Exact potts model partition functions for strips of the honeycomb lattice

Shu Chiuan Chang, Robert Shrock

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We present exact calculations of the Potts model partition function Z(G,q,v) for arbitrary q and temperature-like variable v on strip graphs G of the honeycomb lattice for a variety of transverse widths equal to L y vertices and for arbitrarily great length, with free longitudinal boundary conditions and free and periodic transverse boundary conditions. These partition functions have the form Z(G,q,v)=∑j=1NZ,G,λ cZ,G,j (λZ,G,j)m, where m denotes the number of repeated subgraphs in the longitudinal direction. We give general formulas for N Z,G,j for arbitrary L y . We also present plots of zeros of the partition function in the q plane for various values of v and in the v plane for various values of q. Plots of specific heat for infinite-length strips are also presented, and, in particular, the behavior of the Potts antiferromagnet at q=(3+√5)\2 is investigated.

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期刊Journal of Statistical Physics
出版狀態Published - 2008 3月

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  • 統計與非線性物理學
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