EXAFS and XANES studies of copper in a solidified fly ash

M. C. Hsiao, H. Paul Wang, Y. W. Yang

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Speciation of copper in the fly ash solidification process has been studied by X-ray based spectroscopies in the present work. Fourier transformed EXAFS (extended X-ray absorption fine structural) spectra of the solidified fly ashes showed that the bond distance of Cu-O (first shell) was 1.96 Å with a coordination number (CN) of about 3.0. However, in the second shell of copper atoms, the bond distance of Cu-(O)-Cu was decreased by 0.12-0.22 Å during solidification, which might cause the stabilization of the CuO species in the solidified fly ash matrix. By the least-squares fits of the XANES (X-ray absorption near edge structural) spectra, fractions of the main copper species in the solidified fly ashes such as CuCl2(0.08-0.11), Cu2O (0.07-0.09), Cu(OH)2 (0.31-0.33), and CuO (0.49-0.52) were observed. Combined EXAFS and XANES observations suggested that chemical reactions such as hydroxylation of CuCl2 and oxidation of Cu2O and/or metallic Cu might involve in the solidification process, which also led to a significant reduction of the leachability of copper from the solidified fly ashes.

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期刊Environmental Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2001 6月 15

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