Experimental and 3-D numerical analysis of the thermal-hydraulic characteristics of elliptic finned-tube heat exchangers

Jiin Yuh Jang, Jyh Yau Yang

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Fluid flow and heat transfer over a 4-row. elliptic, finned-tube heat exchanger having an axis ratio of 2.83:1 are studied experimentally and numerically. Three types of finned-tube configurations have been investigated under dry and wet conditions for different values of inlet frontal velocity ranging from 2 to 7 m/s: two elliptic finned tubes with staggered and in-line arrangements and one circular finned tube with staggered arrangement. The experimental results indicate that the average heat transfer coefficient of an elliptic finned lube is 35–50% of the corresponding circular finned tube having the same tube perimeter, while the pressure drop for an elliptic finned-tube bank is only 25–30% of the circular finned-tube bank configuration. Three-dimensional numerical results of a laminar model for dry coils are also presented and are compared with the experimental data.

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期刊Heat Transfer Engineering
出版狀態Published - 1998 一月 1


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  • Condensed Matter Physics
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