Experimental and numerical investigations of 99TcO4 diffusion in compacted SPV 200 bentonite

Yu Hung Shih, I. Hsien Lee, Chuen Fa Ni, Tsuey Lin Tsai, Liang Cheng Chen, Chuan Pin Lee, Shih Chin Tsai, Te Yen Su

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Diffusion characteristics in bentonite are essential to quantify the transport of radionuclides through buffer/backfill materials in waste repositories. This study employs through-diffusion techniques to investigate the diffusion behavior of 99TcO4 through SPV bentonite with various densities. The apparent diffusion coefficients for bentonite densities are estimated using Marquardt–Levenberg optimization algorithm in the HYDRUS-1D model. Based on the experimental and calculation results, 99Tc could be considered as non-sorbing radionuclides. The data obtained in this study provide a valuable reference for the safety assessment of waste repositories.

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期刊Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 2018 六月 1

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