Experimental and theoretical study on hollow-cone spray

Keh Chin Chang, Muh Rong Wang, Wen Jing Wu, Chia Hong Hong

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A theoretical and experimental investigation has been conducted to study the two-phase turbulent structure in an isothermal hollow-cone spray. Mean and fluctuating velocity components, drop number density, as well as drop-size distribution were measured with a nonintrusive diagnostic tool, a two-component phase Doppler particle analyzer. Complete initial conditions required for theoretical calculations were also provided with measurements. Theoretical calculations were made with an Eulerian-Lagrangian formulism. Turbulent dispersion effects were numerically simulated using a Monte Carlo method. Turbulence modulation effects were also taken into account in the modeling. The well-defined experimental data were used to assess the accuracy of the resultant Eulerian-Lagrangian model. Comparisons showed that the theoretical predictions, based upon the Eulerian-Lagrangian model, yielded reasonable agreement with the experimental data. The improvements made by inclusion of the selected turbulence modulation model were insignificant in this work.

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期刊Journal of Propulsion and Power
出版狀態Published - 1993

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