Experimental design of H weighting functions for flight control systems

Ciann-Dong Yang, Hann Shing Jut, Shin Whar Liu

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This paper introduces an experimental solution for H weighting function selection by exploiting an experimental planning method that has been used in quality control. Conducting matrix experiments using special matrices, called orthogonal arrays, allows the effects of several weighting parameters to be determined efficiently so that the resulting H controller can satisfy many design specifications simultaneously in the environment for which the controller is designed. To show the feasibility and efficiency of this methodology, a flight control system for an airplane is designed to satisfy 11 performance specifications simultaneously, when the airplane is undergoing a large shift in c.g. position.

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期刊Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
出版狀態Published - 1994 1月 1

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  • 控制與系統工程
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  • 空間與行星科學
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