Experiments on discharge equations of compound broad-crested weirs

Chyan-Deng Jan, Chia Jung Chang, Feng Hao Kuo

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A linear combination of traditional discharge equations for simple rectangular and/or triangular weirs is proposed to describe the discharge equations of compound broad-crested (CBC) weirs. The CBC weirs are composed of rectangular, triangular, and/or truncated triangular weirs. Dimensionless discharge equations have been also derived. Laboratory experiments on discharge relations for flows over four CBC weirs were conducted in this study in order to calibrate the proposed discharge equations. The experiments were carried out under the conditions of the H1/H2-ratio of water heads above upper and lower crests less than 0.54, and a dimensionless discharge less than 2.174. The result shows that the differences between the calculated discharges by the proposed equations and the measured ones are less than 3% for flows over these CBC weirs under the present experimental conditions.

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期刊Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2009 8月 6

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