Exploitation and biorefinery of microalgae

Revathy Sankaran, Pau L. Show, Dillirani Nagarajan, Jo Shu Chang

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Microalgae have received a great deal of interest as a substitute energy source replacing conventional feedstock. Present efforts mainly focus on the production of biodiesel from microalgae. Besides being a potential feedstock for biofuel production, microalgae play a key part in controlling environmental pollution in terms of CO2 mitigation and wastewater treatment. Microalgae are also used as nutrition supplements for human health, aquaculture, animal feed, cosmetic productions, pharmaceutical fields, and bioactive compounds. This chapter discusses the reuse and recycling of nutrients in microalgae cultivation and the methods involved in managing microalgae biomass. In addition, the emerging approach in utilizing spent microalgal biomass (SMAB) has been reviewed. The potential of microalgae biomass residue for various applications has been examined thoroughly. The integration of microalgae biorefinery for the production of high-value products could drive the economics in favor of cost-effective biofuel production. The focus of this chapter is to examine the efficient technologies and the procedures to transform biomass into beneficial biofuels and secondary products with specific attention on microalgae biorefinery concepts.

主出版物標題Waste Biorefinery
主出版物子標題Potential and Perspectives
出版狀態Published - 2018 1月 1

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