Exploration of the charm factors of ecological tourism

Biyun Hong, Min Yuan Ma

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With the development of tourism, ecological tourism is increasingly popular. There are countless ecological tourist areas which have high similarity and unreasonable development are being developed every year. It not only does not meet diverse tourist needs, but also waste a lot of social and natural environmental resources. How to develop ecological tourism accurately and effectively not only for economic benefits, most important for reducing the waste of environmental resources. So, to enhance the effective development of ecological tourism, Miryoku Engineering was used to abstract the charm factors of it. Tea ecological tourism as a representative case to study. Firstly, the evaluation grid (EGM) method of Miryoku Engineering was used to conduct in-depth interviews with 10 experienced tourists in tea ecological tourism. Through EGM, the charm factors were extracted as 6 factors: reassuring feeling, relaxing feeling, comfortable feeling, pleasant feeling, scientific and professional feeling, and intimate feeling. Secondly, The Quantification Theory Type I (QTTI) was used to analyze the weights of the relationships between the charm factors (abstract feeling/upper level) and the specific influencing factors (original evaluation item/middle and lower levels). The results showed that the reassuring feeling, relaxing feeling, scientific and professional feeling, and intimate feeling were strongly correlated to their corresponding specific influencing factors. The strategy of creating four different feeling directions for ecological tourism was proposed. This study provides a reference for the development and planning of ecological tourism. And it hopes to help to improve the quality of tea agricultural tourism development and reduce waste of social and environment resources caused by indiscriminate development.

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出版狀態Published - 2019

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