Expression of DAZL protein in the human corpus luteum

H. A. Pan, S. J. Tsai, C. W. Chen, Y. C. Lee, Y. M. Lin, P. L. Kuo

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The DAZL gene and its homologues are required for the development of male and female germ cells in different species. However, their role in other aspects of human reproduction is not known. We have generated a polyclonal antibody to the DAZL protein and developed a sensitive standard curve quantitative-competitive-RT-PCR assay to characterize the expression of DAZL in the human corpus luteum (CL). DAZL transcripts are expressed in the CL, but the concentrations decreased with advancing luteal phase. In accordance with the mRNA data, DAZL protein was most abundant in the early phase CL. Immunohistochemical staining showed DAZL protein in the cytoplasm of granulosa-luteal cells. The distinct expression pattern of DAZL protein in the human CL may play an important role in the regulation of luteal function.

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期刊Molecular Human Reproduction
出版狀態Published - 2002

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