Fabrication of transparent ceria films by spray deposition without post firing

Ruwan Gallage, Atsushi Matsuo, Tomoaki Watanabe, Nobuhiro Matsushita, Masahiro Yoshimura

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Most of the existing methods of crystalline ceria (CeO2) films preparation consume much time and cost. Here we describe a straightforward and relatively cost-effective method of CeO2 films preparation that involves direct spray deposition process on glass substrates at moderate temperatures (300-400 °C) using cerium acetate precursor in mixture of water and ethanol. X-ray diffraction analysis of obtained films revealed that they were polycrystalline, at least for a certain extent, with cubic fluorite structure and showed the existence of nanocrystallites. Scanning electron microscopic analysis showed that the films were crack-free and consists of nanocrystalline(<10 nm) ceria. Furthermore, the film showed high transparency in the visible and near-infrared region with calculated optical band gap (E g) value of 3.06-3.08 eV. The film formation mechanism to obtain the transparent film has also been proposed.

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期刊Journal of Electroceramics
出版狀態Published - 2009 二月

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