Facile Growth of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin-Film by One-Step Pulsed Hybrid Electrophoretic and Electroplating Deposition

Hung Wei Tsai, Chia Wei Chen, Stuart R. Thomas, Cheng Hung Hsu, Wen Chi Tsai, Yu Ze Chen, Yi Chung Wang, Zhiming M. Wang, Hwen Fen Hong, Yu Lun Chueh

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The use of costly and rare metals such as indium and gallium in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) based solar cells has motivated research into the use of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) as a suitable replacement due to its non-toxicity, abundance of compositional elements and excellent optical properties (1.5 eV direct band gap and absorption coefficient of ∼104 cm-1). In this study, we demonstrate a one-step pulsed hybrid electrodeposition method (PHED), which combines electrophoretic and electroplating deposition to deposit uniform CZTS thin-films. Through careful analysis and optimization, we are able to demonstrate CZTS solar cells with the VOC, JSC, FF and η of 350 mV, 3.90 mA/cm2, 0.43 and 0.59%, respectively.

期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態Published - 2016 二月 23

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