Factors Influencing Patient Decisions Regarding Cancer Clinical Trial Participation: A Systematic Review

Zhi Qin Xiao, Chia Yu Hsu, Chi Yin Kao

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Background: Cancer is the top cause of death in Taiwan. Cancer clinical trials are crucial for developing new treatments. Understanding the motivations and barriers related to the factors of influence on patient decisions regarding participation in cancer clinical trials may help clinical researchers improve patients’ understanding of clinical trials and improve their ability to make autonomous decisions regarding informed consent. Purpose: This study was designed to explore the factors affecting patient decisions regarding cancer clinical trial participation using a systematic review of the literature. Methods: A systematic review was used. Articles were retrieved from electronic databases including Cochrane Library, Embase, PubMed, CINAHLE, and Scopus. The following keywords and MeSH terms were used to search for articles on cancer, clinical trials, participation, factors or motivations, and decision making. A total of 9353 articles published from 2011 to January 2021 that matched the search criteria were extracted. After screening the topics, deleting repetitions, and doing critical appraisals, 40 articles were selected for analysis. Research quality was assessed using Joanna Briggs Institute Levels of Evidence criteria. Results: Eight motivations and nine barriers were found to significantly influence patient participation in cancer clinical trials. These motivations were: (1) trust in health professionals, (2) hope for therapeutic benefits, (3) the last treatment option, (4) altruism, (5) family support, (6) extra care, (7) patients’ or others’ past therapy experience, and (8) other demographic factors. The barriers to participation identified were: (1) fear of side effects or treatment efficacy, (2) concerns about trial requirements and randomization, (3) heavy financial burden, (4) inability to maintain quality of life, (5) inability to participate due to disease progression, (6) having treatment preferences, (7) health professionals’ negative attitudes toward clinical trials, (8) family opposition, and (9) providing trial information at an inappropriate time. Conclusions / Implications for Practice: Eight motivational factors and nine barriers inf luencing patient decisions regarding cancer clinical trial participation were extracted from the selected articles. In addition to personal and situational factors, family and health professionals were found to influence patient decisions regarding cancer clinical trial participation. The authors hope that the findings of this study help clinical researchers further improve patient understanding of clinical trials and help patients make autonomous decisions with regard to informed consent.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2022 2月

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