Fatigue and R-curve behavior of an Al2O3-10vol%Cr3C2 composite

Ching An Jeng, Jow Lay Huang, Shi Min Wang, Ching Yun Chen

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The static and dynamic fatigue properties of an Al2O3-10 composite were studied. The R-Curve behavior was determined using the indentation strength in bending (ISB) technique. Results indicated that both alumina and the Al2O3-Cr3C2 composite exhibit time-dependent slow crack growth under static fatigue test conditions. In addition, the resistance for slow crack growth in the Al2O3-Cr3C2 composite is higher than that in monolithic alumina. The toughness of alumina was substantially increased and R-curve behavior became evident after the incorporation of Cr3C2 particles.

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期刊Journal of Materials Science
出版狀態Published - 2002 五月 1

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