Fibronectin in Cancer: Friend or Foe

Tsung Cheng Lin, Cheng Han Yang, Li Hsin Cheng, Wen Tsan Chang, Yuh Rong Lin, Hung Chi Cheng

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The role of fibronectin (FN) in tumorigenesis and malignant progression has been highly controversial. Cancerous FN plays a tumor-suppressive role, whereas it is pro-metastatic and associated with poor prognosis. Interestingly, FN matrix deposited in the tumor microenvironments (TMEs) promotes tumor progression but is paradoxically related to a better prognosis. Here, we justify how FN impacts tumor transformation and subsequently metastatic progression. Next, we try to reconcile and rationalize the seemingly conflicting roles of FN in cancer and TMEs. Finally, we propose future perspectives for potential FN-based therapeutic strategies.

出版狀態Published - 2019 十二月 20

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