Finite-temperature Casimir effect on the radius stabilization of non-commutative torus

Wung Hong Huang

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The one-loop correction to the spectrum of Kaluza-Klein system for the φ3 model on ℝ1,d × (double-struck T signθ2)L is evaluated in the high temperature limit, where the 1 + d dimensions are the ordinary flat Minkowski spacetimes and the L extra two-dimensional tori are chosen to be the non-commutative torus with noncommutativity θ. The corrections to the Kaluza-Klein mass formula are evaluated and used to compute the Casimir energy with the help of the Schwinger perturbative formula in the zeta-function regularization method. The results show that the one-loop Casimir energy is independent of the radius of torus if L = 1. However, when L > 1 the Casimir energy could give repulsive force to stabilize the extra non-commutative torus if d - L is a non-negative even integral. This therefore suggests a possible stabilization mechanism of extra radius in high temperature, when the extra spaces are non commutative.

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期刊Journal of High Energy Physics
出版狀態Published - 2000

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