Fire behaviour and structural safety of box-structured light steel houses

Ko Jen Chen, Ming Ju Tsai, Chun Ta Tzeng, Chi Ming Lai

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A single unit with dimensions of 5.6 m × 2.5 m × 3 m (H) of box-structured light steel house was adopted to investigate the fire behaviour and structural safety. The longitudinal side of the investigated unit was restrained on an existing house, and the remainder boundary was designated as the free boundary. The ignition began on the western wood crib, one of the three wood cribs (fire source) placed evenly in the middle of the room. The results showed that the highest temperature point was located underneath the ceiling of the fire room. Only the temperature around the ceiling was quite close to standard heating curve. An identical, uniform and steady standard heating curve was difficult to achieve in this full-size experiment. The extent of fire damage of this kind of light steel structure was greatly affected by the quality of the fire-resistant decoration materials.

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期刊Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Architectural Engineering Division
出版狀態Published - 2011 四月 18

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  • 建築


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