Fire resistance tests of a glass pane with down-flowing water film

Chan Wei Wu, Ta Hui Lin, Ming Yuan Lei, Tien Hsu Chung, Chien Chang Huang, Wei Tang Chiang

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Based on the ISO 834–1 standard code, this study examined the fire insulation and fire integrity properties of two full-scale glass panes (a common tempered glass pane and a non-heat-resistant fireproof glass with the same dimensions 120 cm × 240 cm × 0.5 cm) covered with a water film in a standard full-scale 3 m × 3 m door/wall refractory furnace. For fire testing in the standard furnace, a specialized testing frame was devised to accommodate the multi-nozzle spray system with a buffer box, which generated a down-flowing water film on the glass surface. When a water film with adequate thickness (∼1.5 mm) and flowing speed (∼0.7 m/s) was established on a glass pane, the evaporative latent heat of the water film could be used to protect the glass from melting or breaking in a fire. In this study, the period of fire insulation and integrity could be extended to 100 minutes and the temperature of the glass surface was kept below 210°C. Thus, the substitution of a common non-fire-resistant tempered glass with water film for fireproof glass or overhead doors has been proven workable.

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