Flux pinning at high magnetic field in melt-processed SmBa 2Cu3O7 with nanocrystalline Sm211/Nd422 additives

Ping Chi Hsieh, Shih Yun Chen, In Gann Chen, Maw Kuen Wu

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Nano-sized Sm2BaCuO5 ('Sm211') and Nd 4Ba2Cu2O10 ('Nd422') non-superconducting particles were prepared by a typical sol-gel process of mixing poly-acrylic acid (PAA) with metal ion solutions. Small amounts (1 to 1 × 10-2 wt%) of nano-sized Sm211 and Nd422 powders were mixed homogeneously with the precursors of Sm123 + 25 wt% Sm211 followed by the melt-texture processing in air. It is observed that superconducting properties of SmBCO with nano-Sm211 or nano-Nd422 additives were greatly enhanced and a clear secondary peak effect was observed. The scale rule analysis shows that the δTc pinning mechanism may be responsible for the Jc enhancement at high field. A systematic study of the relationship of J c(H, T) with different amounts of nm-Sm211 and/or Nd422 additions was performed to determine the optimum nano-particle doping contents and their pinning mechanisms respectively.

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期刊Superconductor Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 2005 二月 1

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