Force Control Strategy of Five-Digit Precision Grasping With Aligned and Unaligned Configurations

Po Tsun Chen, Hsiu Yun Hsu, You Hua Su, Chien Ju Lin, Hsiao-Feng Chieh, Li Chieh Kuo, Fong Chin Su

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Objective: To investigate the digit force control during a five-digit precision grasp in aligned (AG) and unaligned grasping (UG) configurations. Background: The effects of various cylindrical handles for tools on power grasp performance have been previously investigated. However, there is little information on force control strategy of precision grasp to fit various grasping configurations. Method: Twenty healthy young adults were recruited to perform a lift-hold-lower task. The AG and UG configurations on a cylindrical simulator with force transducers were adjusted for each individual. The applied force and moment, the force variability during holding, and force correlations between thumb and each finger were measured. Result: No differences in applied force, force correlation, repeatability, and variability were found between configurations. However, the moments applied in UG were significantly larger than those in AG. Conclusion: The force control during precision grasp did not change significantly across AG and UG except for the digit moment. The simulator is controlled efficiently with large moment during UG, which is thus the optimal configuration for precision grasping with a cylindrical handle. Further research should consider the effects of task type and handle design on force control, especially for individuals with hand disorders. Application: To design the handle of specific tool, one should consider the appropriate configuration according to the task requirements of precision grasping to reduce the risk of accumulating extra loads on digits with a cylindrical handle.

期刊Human Factors
出版狀態Accepted/In press - 2021

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