Force spectra characteristics of general helical milling cutters

Junz Jiunn-jyh Wang, Charles Ming Zheng

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This paper presents an analysis on the characteristics of milling force spectra for a general helical milling cutter. Common spectra characteristics are shown to be shared by milling cutters of different helical edge geometry. Cutter geometry including the number of flute, the helix angle, the edge geometry, as well as the depths of cut and cutting configuration, are analyzed for their individual and combined effects on the force spectra of the shearing and ploughing force components of the total milling forces. Milling experiments for three common industrial cutters including the cylindrical, ball and taper end mills, were carried out to validate the analytical prediction. It is shown in the analysis as well as in the experiments that in slot milling either the dynamic shearing force or the dynamic ploughing force components might vanish for any type of helical cutter depending on the number of flutes.

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