Full restoration of multiple faults in WDM networks without wavelength conversion

Chuan Ching Sue, Jun Ying Yeh, Chin Yu Huang

研究成果: Conference article


This paper addresses the problem of achieving full restoration and tolerating as many faults as possible in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks without the capability of wavelength conversion. The problem of finding the maximum number of faults that can be tolerated is modeled as a constrained ring cover set problem, which is a decomposition problem with exponential complexity. The Face Decomposition Algorithm (PDA) that can tolerate one or more faults is proposed. From the results, we know that the maximum number of faults tolerated can be extended from one significantly under various network topologies.

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期刊Proceedings of the Asian Test Symposium
出版狀態Published - 2004 十二月 1
事件Proceedings of the Asian Test Symposium, ATS'04 - Kenting, Taiwan
持續時間: 2004 十一月 152004 十一月 17


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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering