Full-scale shaking table tests on soil liquefaction-induced uplift of buried pipelines for buildings

Yung Yen Ko, Tung Ying Tsai, Ken Yan Jheng

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The uplift effect induced by soil liquefaction on buried pipelines that are critical to the serviceability of buildings, including potable water, natural gas, and sewage pipelines, was experimentally investigated. A full-scale physical model of pipelines buried in liquefiable ground comprising distribution mains and service lines that connect distribution mains and buildings was built. Shaking table tests were conducted on this model with actual earthquake records utilized as the input motions. The performance of gravel as pipe ditch backfill for mitigating the liquefaction-induced uplift was also evaluated. During the tests, accelerometers and piezometers were installed in free-field (FF) soil and around the pipelines to reveal the pipeline–soil interaction and the soil liquefaction development. Wire potentiometers were also utilized to monitor any uplift or subsidence of the pipelines. Results indicate that the distribution mains for natural gas and sewage experienced an uplift during liquefaction of ground specimen. The excess porewater pressure buildup level around the uplifted pipelines was generally lower than that in FF soil and was even lower on top of the pipeline circumference, which may be attributed to the pipeline–soil interaction. Furthermore, the practicability of an existing simplified model for anti-uplift stability assessment and its corresponding uplift force estimation were examined based on aforementioned observations. The findings indicate that the uplift effect for large-diameter pipelines may be underestimated by simply using this simplified model. This research can be used as a reference for the seismic design of buried pipelines, which is beneficial for disaster prevention and mitigation.

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期刊Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
出版狀態Published - 2023 4月 25

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