Fundamentals and modeling of electrokinetic transport in nanochannels

Hung Chun Yeh, Moran Wang, Chih Chang Chang, Ruey Jen Yang

研究成果: Review article

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When the channel size approaches the thickness of the charged layer (typically, â10-100 nm), the resulting molecular and non-equilibrium effects are markedly different from those observed in larger channels and have a significant effect on the transport behavior of solutes and solvents. As a result, the problem of modeling fluidic behavior at the nanoscale has attracted increasing interest in recent years. This review introduces the fundamental theories and principles associated with electrokinetic transport and molecular dynamics modeling, and discusses various applications of nanofluidic devices in the physics, mechanics, and chemistry fields.

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期刊Israel Journal of Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 2014 十一月 1

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